Front Office Service Activities (FOSA)

We provide a wide range of products and services that are both accessible and affordable to our customers which include the following:-

  • Savings Account – Ideal for processing salaries, pensions, Crop payments and Personal Savings.
  • Business Account – Offers an avenue for convenient business transactions to business people. You can withdraw with no limits as to the amounts and frequency of withdrawals
  • Group Account – Suitable for welfare groups, Corporate, Schools, Hospitals, Churches and other institutions.
  • Minor Account – Provides a reasonable and convenient way for parents to plan for their children’s future as well as show them the importance of saving.
  • Fixed Deposit Account – Ultimate choice for Members who desire attractive returns on their investment. With a very low minimum balance requirement, competitive interest rates and act as security for loans.

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  • Vijana Tumeamua Account – For account holders between 18-28 years.
  • Akiba Account – Ideal to save for holidays , and long term projects with an attractive interest rate per annum(withdrawable once a quarter)
  • Premier Savings Account – Ideal for long term savings with High return on investment (withdraw-able once a year)
  • Diaspora account – Ideal for member leaving and working outside the county
  • Minor savings account
  • Corporate account – Ideal for institutions, Schools and big organizations with unique attractive features.

To secure your future, save wisely and borrow prudently

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